Hello. Nice to meet you! My name is Tom Snelling. 

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Hello and welcome to AcneRoom! I am a biochemist with an extreme passionate for helping people clear their acne.

I didn’t choose this job. It chose me! From the ages of 11 to 19, I suffered from acne in varying severities. After trying a host of over-the-counter and prescription medications just like you, as well as a plethora of largely unproven alternative remedies, I began researching how acne is caused. The result of this research, along with a significant amount of trial and error,  was that I remedied the condition. My goal is to now help YOU do the same.

My Acne Journey

Amid the 9 years in which I was inflicted with acne I tried a whole host of traditional treatments, both prescription only and over-the-counter; prescribed by different dermatologists and doctors. These included but were not limited to topical retinoid creams, oral and topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide – I turned down Accutane due to the enormous quantity of misinformation published online about the drug. The results from these therapies were next to none.

After reading about the perceived dangers of Accutane, I became interested in alternative health. Some ideas in alternative health are spot on, such as the connection between the composition of the gut microbiota and health, which has been verified by sound science. Unfortunately, these valuable ideas are in the minority. The field of alternative health consists largely of misinformation. I tried a range of dubious home remedies, a host of supplements and various fasting, detox and restrictive diets with very limited results. You name it and I’ve probably tried it!

Venturing into this field, which lacks logic and consistency, without a critical mind is a slippery side; more often than not it leads to an eating disorder. If you spent all day reading websites and forums, you’d find that every food seemingly caused acne within a cloud of conflicting information. Who do you believe?

As I began researching, with the huge number of resources available to be as an undergraduate student, I began to understand which ideas within alternative health were beneficial together with which traditional treatments have the greatest effectiveness. It became clear to me that the optimal treatment involved aspects of both! I immediately implemented my own advice. With specific dietary and lifestyle changes alongside a prescription-only medication, my acne went from severe to completely clear (apart from a few leftover red marks which took longer!) in 60 days. The same exact advice is published on this website.

How can I help?

Since becoming clear, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of acne sufferers from every walk of life; males and females, adults and teenagers. Just take a look at the testimonials I’ve received!

I have come to realise that, just like I was, people are entirely confused about what acne actually is and how it is caused. At the heart of this confusion is the immense amount of unhelpful advice published online, with no scientific backing. I am going to change that. The goal of this website is to properly explain acne to you, as well as to teach you how to get over it. Acne is not complicated when you remove the conflicting information out of the picture. Every single case follows the same model. The understanding of this model is critical in removing acne from your life.

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