Learn About Acne.

Part one
Pilosebaceous Units

Understanding acne starts with understanding the skin. This section explores the structure of skin, with specific emphasis on those aspects which relate to acne. By the end, you will be equally knowledgeable as your doctor about skin!

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Part two
Pilosebaceous Units

Human skin is covered in microscopic pilosebaceous units. T he whole of acne centres around these units. This section extends on the knowledge gained from ‘What is Skin?’. By the end of this section, you will be ready to learn about the different factors which cause acne!

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Part three
What causes acne?

This section explores the different factors responsible for acne. This includes androgens, sebum, hyperkeratinisation, bacteria, and inflammation. You will be well prepared to learn how to eliminate acne with medication as well as lifestyle and dietary changes.

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Part four
Dietary Factors

Recently, the role of dietary factors in acne have been studied. This includes dairy, glycaemic index, and fats. This section will explain to you why different aspects of diet can cause acne. The latest research on the diet-acne link is explored in this article.

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